Learning how to store your matcha properly will greatly increase the "lifespan" of your matcha.

Your cafe’s matcha is extremely delicate and deteriorates when in contact with light, warmth, and oxygen. Due to natural oxidation that occurs, your matcha is never going to get better with time, so it is best to store properly and use quickly if possible. Here are a few tips to make sure your matcha can stay fresh, longest. Your cafe customers will appreciate it!

1) Keep it out of the light

Avoid storing your matcha in clear containers like large plastic canisters or mason jars. Instead opt for a darker container that blocks UV light rays.

2) Keep it away from heat sources

Humidity and warmth lead to stale and metallic tasting matcha. To avoid this, store your matcha in a cool place like a closet or basement. Keep away from burners or ovens. While the fridge is a great place to store, make sure your matcha is tightly sealed, so it doesn't absorb other aromas in your fridge.

3. Scoop out what you need for the day

At the beginning of your day, pour the amount of matcha your shop expects to go through that day into a smaller, tightly sealed container. This makes sure that the main supply of matcha isn’t being exposed regularly throughout the day and your baristas can access the matcha easily.